• Helped us develop our marketing plan...

    I found Graham through an eLance-type service, and was immediately struck by his level of professionalism. We were just starting our software business, so I didn't really know what to expect from hiring an outside web content writer. But right from the start, Graham seemed to fit right in with the direction we wanted to take, and in fact helped us develop our marketing plan along the way.

    Since then, he has become an invaluable member of the team as a software tester and debugger, and has pretty much taken over a lot of our marketing responsibilities. I recommend him to others every chance I get.

    Frank Calabretta - DMXReady, RocketLanders.com

    Toronto, ON

  • He makes it simple...

    I have been working with Graham Strong’s copywriting services for over 8 years. Graham demonstrates an uncanny balance of quality of work, the ability to meet deadlines he promises, and he is very easy to get along with. Ultimately he makes it simple to get quality work done in the most time efficient manner. I can see why his client list has grown so steadily.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ron Lemarquand - Fox on the Run

    Thunder Bay, ON

  • I would highly recommend Graham...

    We wanted to redesign our website, make it more user-friendly, and add a Content Management System so that we could add and edit our own content. Graham found a great template for us and personalized it by adding new pictures and randomly displaying our testimonials. We are extremely happy with the way our new site turned out.

    What really made it convenient is that I only had to work with one person during this whole process. Instead of being the "project manager" between a web designer and a content writer, I just gave it all to Graham. Not only did he do a great job, but he was very easy to work with and addressed any questions I had immediately.

    I would highly recommend Graham for any content or design project.

    Sam Vohra - Compciti Business Solutions

    New York, NY

  • Blown away...

    We started a new business in a highly competitive field and looked to Graham to set us apart with some professional copy for our web-site, brochure and other print materials. We were blown away.

    Graham has a unique talent in that he can articulate precisely what we think in a language that is concise, appealing to the reader and inviting. He delivered on time and above and beyond what we expected. His flair for marketing ideas also saved us additional dollars as we were able to implement his ideas on our own quite seamlessly.

    Thanks, Graham!

    Alvis & Samantha Plavins - Bliss Pictures

    Thunder Bay, ON

  • Indispensable...

    Over the years Graham has become an indispensable part of our team. He knows the mission and vision of our organization, and more importantly knows our "voice". He is able to take complex medical concepts and, with limited space, explain them to a general public audience.

    What really sets him apart is his professionalism and his willingness to please his clients. I have always enjoyed working with Graham, and have recommended him to others on several occasions.

    Glenn Craig, President and CEO - Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation

    Thunder Bay, ON

  • A pleasure to work with...

    It has been a pleasure working with Graham on all of our projects. He has been instrumental in getting our ideas put appropriately into words and has helped immensely in the creation of our website, brochures, and many marketing materials. I highly recommend his services to help take your business to the next level.

    Donna M. Littrell, Owner - Elite Office Solutions, Inc.

    Philadelphia, PA

What I Do


Strong writing for strong results! I have helped my clients get their messages across to their customers clearly, concisely, and creatively. Whether you are trying to grab attention, relay information, or persuade your readers to a particular call to action, you need strong writing to reach your goal. Your marketing content will be slick, professional, and – most importantly – effective.

I have experience in all types of marketing writing including:

  • Advertising and brochures
  • Web content (see below)
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Business and sales letters
  • Business proposals
  • User guides and manuals
  • TV/radio scripts
  • Annual reports
  • Company/personal profiles
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Fundraising letters/asks
  • Grant applications

View my Portfolio or contact me and let’s find out how I can help you, too.

Web Content

Marketing content designed specifically for the web. Web content is such a specific niche, it deserves special mention on its own. It can be used for marketing and advertising, but web content can also be informational. One of the challenges is not just how and what to write, but how to organize it on a website — the editorial layout of your site.

I’ve been writing web content (and developing my own brand of web content-writing theory) since 1995, so I know what works and what doesn’t. I can write your web content to spec, or help you develop a web content strategy to meet your specific needs.

I also offer full website services using WordPress and professionally designed templates to make stunning and effective websites for small business – one-stop shopping for content, design, and hosting. Find out more at: www.strongwebsites.com or contact me with your web content writing project.


Your stringer in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. I have worked with several news agencies as a stringer/local journalist including Canadian Press, the Northern Ontario Medical Journal, the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, Northern Ontario Business, and the Chronicle-Journal. I provide mostly feature writing and local background, though I can also provide sports and news coverage. I have covered a wide range of topics including health/medical, medical and academic research, mining, design/build, and sports though I am comfortable researching and covering any subject.

I can provide on-the-spot photography to accompany articles, and also have contacts with credentialed freelance news and sports photographers whom I can bring in as needed.

Journalism Writing Samples:




Although I’m based in Thunder Bay, I am able to cover assignments anywhere in the world, conducting interviews via phone and email. And, given the right project, I am also willing to travel.

Contact me with your next assignment.


We all like extras! Over my years of professional writing, I’ve also developed a number of associated skills including project management, basic layout (using Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), PowerPoint presentations, white paper/report layout, marketing consultation, website building (www.strongwebsites.com), editorial consultation, newsletter project management (e.g. managing editor, etc.), Annual Report project management, website consultation, and more. I work well as part of your team, or as your marketing team.

I also offer those intangibles that are so important to the successful completion of your project. I’m easy to work with, knowledgeable, ready to give my honest opinion (not just what I think you want to hear), but able to follow the direction you lay out.

Read some of my testimonials to get a better idea of how easy it is to work with me, or contact me right now with your writing project and find out for yourself!


Brochures and Marketing Materials

Brochures and other marketing materials are often the first contact you have with your potential customers and clients. You want to make sure you leave a good first impression. That means finding the right messages and conveying them properly – often in a short amount of time.

I can provide you with clean, clear writing that will provide the information your customers need, and inspire them to buy from you. Below are two great examples of a brochure and a flyer that demonstrate just that.

Annual and Other Reports

Annual reports are rapidly changing. Gone are the days of pages and pages of long, technical information. Today's annual reports are more story-focused, and tend to have shorter and snappier text. Some are now completely online, which changes the approach even further.

I have the experience and the range to provide the right style, tone, grade-level, and word count for your annual report or related reports. I also have extensive experience in report planning and project management, gathering material, writing the report, and working with your layout staff to create an annual report with impact.

Click on the links below to see two online samples:

Press Releases and Media Advisories

There is an art to writing press releases – and to getting them noticed by editors. Unless you are a big company like Apple or GM, editors need to be sold on your story. That means choosing the right angle, finding the right quotes, and making an impact with your headline.

I have written dozens of news releases that do just that, honing in on the key message and describing it clearly, concisely, and creatively. I’ll give your news the best chance at being picked up by your local, regional, and national outlets..

Here are two online examples. Note in the second one for Brad Hominick Productions, it is written closer to article style so that news agencies can print it as-is – which is exactly what happened here.

Web Content

This specialized type of content writing requires special consideration. The style, length, tone, and approach can be different from website to website, depending on your ultimate goal.

I have written hundreds of web content pages ranging from marketing to straight information. The goal is always the same: to provide the right content for the page for the best results. I can also provide SEO content to help improve your search engine rankings.

Below is a link to one page of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre website – I wrote much though not all of the content on this site. The other link is to my own website.

Want to See More...?

This is just a very small sample to show you some of what I've done to help my clients in the past. Like to see something specific? Contact me (scroll down to next panel below) and let me know what you're looking for.